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June 18th: Book Sharing and Activities:

1. Read In The Small, Small Pond As you listen to the story, pause the video so that you can have your child answer simple questions. For example, you can say, "Look!" [pause the video where we see the frog swimming with the tadpoles], and ask, "What animal is that?" [while pointing to the frog] and then wait for a verbal ("Frog") or nonverbal (points to frog, looks at you) response from your child. Then say, "Yes, that's a frog!" [while pointing to the frog].

2. Activities (Choose one, or do both):

Print multiple copies of page three of the Frog Matching cards and have your child color each picture with any color they want. Then, play "I Spy: Frog Edition". 1. When playing "I Spy: Frog Edition," place 2-3 frog picture cards on the table in front of your child. Then say, "I spy _______ [color] frog," and have your child point to the correct frog. 2. As you listen to "The Five Green Speckled Frogs" song, pause the video and count the frogs each time one jumps into the pool!

Have fun, and remember that any time during your everyday routine can be a learning moment for you and your child.

Stay happy and healthy.

Time to Come In, Bear: A Children's Story About Social Distancing


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