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Week of June 15th

Theme: Shapes

Shape Read Alouds

Listen to one story a day. Use the pictures to have your child point/ label the different shapes as they listen to the story!

Click on the heart to listen to How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? read by Miss. Pat!

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 4.19.39 PM.png

Shape Activities 

  • Shape Sponge Painting- Cut sponges into different shapes and have your child dip them into the paint and press them onto construction paper. How many shapes did you make? 

  • Silly Shape Monsters- Cut construction paper into different sized shapes. Give your child a big oval shape and have them glue the other shapes on to make a silly shape monster! 

  • Shape Sorting Sensory Bin- Fill a bin with black beans, rice, or soil. Place different shapes into the bin. Have your child use their hands to find the shapes and then match them to the shapes in the cupcake tin (draw the shapes on a cupcake liners). 

  • Shape Hunt- Cut out large shapes from construction paper. Hide the shapes in your house or yard and have your child find them. What shapes did you find? 

  • Yummy Shape Snack- Use cookie cutters in different shapes (or cut it into shapes yourself) to cut up snack foods such as watermelon and cheese to make a yummy healthy snack to eat! 

Shape Songs

We hope to see everyone at our moving-up wave parade on Monday, June 22 at 11:30 (Rain date Thursday, June 25 at 11:30). We will have your child's belongings from class and an end of the year gift for them at the parade! 

 If you have any questions email me at 


Week of June 22nd

Theme: Welcome to Summer!

Summer Read Alouds

Listen to one story a day! Have your child point/ label things you see in the summer!

Summer Activities 

  • Sun Craft- Have your child glue pieces of torn yellow tissue paper or construction paper onto a paper plate. Glue strips of yellow construction paper around the plate and draw a face using markers. 

  • Sunglasses- Click on the sunglasses and have your child color them using markers or crayons. Have your child choose the glasses they want to wear and cut it out for them. Add pipe cleaners to the sides of the glasses so your child can wear them. 

  • Fourth of July Fireworks- Cut the bottom of 3 toilet paper rolls (see picture) then dip them in red, white, and blue paint to make fireworks on black construction paper. 

  • Fourth of July Snack- Have your child spread white frosting or cream cheese on a graham cracker. Next, use cut up strawberries and blueberries to decorate their flag. Enjoy this yummy flag for a snack! 

  • Water Play- Fill a container with water and place plastic toys, small pails, and cups for your child to enjoy playing in the water on a warm summer day. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 7.05.42 PM.png

Summer Songs

Reminder: We are off the Week of June 29th. We will resume online learning the week of July 6th.

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