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Reading Books with our Leeway Staff!

Miss. Laurie's first read aloud! Check back for more! :)  WE MISS YOU!

Miss. Theresa reads us a story about an Old Lady who swallowed a chick.  Why? You have to listen to find out!

A book for World Autism Awareness Day by Miss. Athena

Miss Tina reads to us a fan favorite: Chicka Chicka ABC!

Miss. Judy reads a book we should all listen to!

Miss. Stella reads another book about monsters! 

Miss. Laurie sings 3 Little Birds!
Miss Laurie and the Hungry Caterpillar

Miss. Stella joins us with a book about Monsters!

Miss. Jackie reads us one of our favorite songs! Get up to sing and dance along!

coronavirus book cover.png

Watch this video of Spoon first! :)

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