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Miss Joanie's Page

Week of March 23rd 2020

Letter of the Week: P
Stop the video after a piece or 2 or 4 are removed. See if you can guess what it is that starts with the letter P! 

Build a worm house even if you don't find any worms today!

Here are 2 sites on how to build your own worm habitat!



Please click on the flower picture for a question and answer work sheet about Spring!
Colorful Flowers

Week of March 30th 2020




If your child is only ready to match Capital to capital that great too.

If you don't have cottonballs use white paper crumpled up into small balls  tell your child what you want him/her to do...nothing is wrong this is about their ability to follow directions and  their perception of what it should look like.
Letter of the Week: B

Letter B story.. Dont forget to ask who, what, where, when, and why questions after a page or 2 has been read.

Fine Motor/Cognitive:

attachment #1 <-- trace and color your favorite 2 egg shape 

Attachment #2 <-- color cut match and glue



Movement Activities