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Physical Therapy


     The Physical Therapy (P.T.) Department at the Leeway School

provides assessment of children’s muscle tone and muscle strength,

balance, coordination, postural alignment, motor planning and

overall gross motor skill level.  We address deficits in these areas

through a combination of exercises, balance activities, implementation of therapeutic handling to influence and improve motor patterns, and guided practice of functional tasks.  Some of the gross motor skills we work to improve include sitting and standing balance, transitions between the sitting and standing, walking on all surfaces, running, jumping, stair climbing and ball play.

     At Leeway School, we encourage parents to keep in touch with their child’s therapist through your child’s communication notebook to find out how you can carry over some of the skills they are working on in school.  If you would like to observe your child’s physical therapy session please contact your son or daughter’s therapist to make arrangements.  

     See the links below for some gross motor milestones.  If you have any questions or concern please feel free to contact us and/or your school district, or speak to your pediatrician to see if you should get an evaluation.

Kid Playing Outdoor

Some useful links:

Typical Gross Motor Skills Development Milestones-

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Gross Motor Skills for Infants, Toddlers, and Children-

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