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Leeway Staff

     Our staff members are dedicated to your child's growth, safety, and happiness.  Our students look forward to coming to Leeway because our school provides exciting activities, and a nurturing environment that cultivates self-esteem and warm relationships with peers and adults.


     All of our teachers are certified in special education and have been with Leeway School for many years. Their vast experience allows them to handle any challenging issues that may develop when managing a classroom. Additionally, all of our therapists are licensed and certified. All of our speech therapists not only have a certificate of clinical competency, but most are "prompt" trained as well. Our music teachers are not only licensed in their respective fields, but are also certified in special education as well.

Director: Linda Imbesi 
-Certified Special Education Teachers 
-Teacher's Assistants
-1:1 Aides 
-Licensed and Certified School Psychologists
-Licensed Master Social Workers 
-Licensed Speech / Language Pathologists 
-Licensed and Registered Occupational Therapists 
-Licensed and Registered Physical Therapists 
-Board Certified Music Therapist 
-S.T.E.A.M. Teacher
-Full Time Registered Nurse

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