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There are so many ways to chart the growth of children during their time here at Leeway School but some of the growth is in ways we could never measure. Children build confidence in their abilities, make lasting friendships and develop a love for learning. These things may not be

able to be measured by a test, but they can make a big difference in the life of a child. 

Our programs here at Leeway are designed to prepare students for their school careers and beyond.

Through our dedicated and experienced staff,

we provide a comprehensive program that supports

children and their families. We use proven strategies

to develop students to their greatest potential.

If you'd like to join our Leeway family, please

feel free to contact us for a tour of our facility."

-Linda Imbesi, Executive Director




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Give us a call:


What Parents Say About

Leeway School

*I highly recommend this school! My daughter attended this school for

2 years before entering Kindergarten and made a wonderful improvement!"


*My son has a few challenges, and has been at Leeway for two years.

I don't know where they found such compassionate, patient, and

competent staff members. This is my son's last year there, and I miss them already."


*Wonderful school - especially for children with some learning delays."


*My son is going to Leeway full time, from 9-3pm, Monday thru Friday. He has Autism. He loves school, thanks to all his wonderful teachers & therapists (OT, PT, Speech, Play Therapy). He was a non-social little 3 yr old last year. This year he has blossomed and learned about 100+ words, he is now potty trained (which by the way, is the parents responsibility, not the teacher's!), and he counts from 1-20 (backwards too! 20-1), knows his colors, shapes, and his whole alphabet! Wonderful school and staff! Best ever - hands down!"


*It is a great school for younger ones who have some problems. My son still goes there and his progress is wonderful there.. i thank everyone of his teachers for all the help. "


Explore Our Site

And Learn About Our School:


View our various professional services section to see what Leeway School

offers for you and your child. Our certified professionals help students

with a broad range of special needs, and offer the highest possible level

of care to your child.

In this section you can browse through the multiple facilities features

at our school. Here you can get an inside look at the classrooms,

the playground and some of our special events that we hold for the children.


Here you can learn about how we perform evaluations and determine what other services may be recommended for your child.

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