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Ice Cream

Monday: Science

What better way to end our summer session than with Ice Cream!! Our book for today will be:


After reading and learning about ice cream, let us try and make our own ice cream!


Squeaks and Jessi show us how to make ice cream in this Sci Show video! 


Add your favorite toppings, place it in a bowl or cone and send your pictures! :) I hope you have a great day and enjoy learning about ice cream!

Tuesday: Technology

If you have never been to an ice cream parlor, Kids Vision takes us on a virtual field trip! 


Whats your favorite flavor? Do you like sprinkles on top? After visiting the ice cream shoppe, we can grab our favorite ice cream flavor and listen to another book about ice cream.

Wednesday: Engineering

I hope you have some boxes laying around because today we are going to be making an ice cream truck!!  I have an ice cream truck that I will assemble and show you! Head over to the website for a fun video with my ice cream truck!! 


I have attached some pictures of other children’s ice cream trucks that I found on the internet for you to look at.  CLICK THE PHOTOS FOR A DIRECT LINK ON INSTRUCTIONS!


Please decorate your boxes however you like and post your pictures! :)

Calendar & Welcome Circle

If you click the star picture, you will get a black and white version of a calendar template.  You can have your child fill
in the day each morning!

This Month is:

Next  Month Will Be:

shape pic playdoh.png
sh number 110 mat.png
sh 120 mat.png
Click pictures for PDF!
ice cream 6.png

Thursday: Art

Today we will start with a quick story and then jump right into some ice cream crafts!



ice cream 1.png
ice cream 2.jpg
ice cream 3.jpg

Friday: Math

Let us start today with a fun counting song on how many scoops we want!

After listening to the song, lets make our own ice cream scoops! Click the link and your child can make their own ice cream cones! https://fun-a-day.com/summer-math-preschool-ice-cream-theme/


If you don’t have pom poms, here is another variation of the activity above with a print out of the scoops and cones with numbers already printed on it! https://fromabcstoacts.com/math-games-ice-cream-cone-number-matching/

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