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This week we will talk about animals that we can have as Pets! :) 

Here is a fun song about pets: 

Here is a good introduction video to Pets for the children to enjoy:









A Dr. Seuss classic book, What Pet Should I Get?

This is fun Pet Song from Pink Fong:

The story, My Pet Wants a Pet, is a great sequencing story because it is repetitive.  Throughout the story, pause the video and ask your child what do you think is going to happen next? What animal will be the next pet? What animal came before the ____? What animal became a pet after the ______? Asking this questions increases higher order thinking patterns.  If you would like to, you can print out the following document and cut out each animal.  You can sequence the animals together and line them up while the book is read aloud.  Using the visual prompt that I created will help your child come up the with answers. 

As always, please post pictures of your child with their pets :)

Hi Everyone!! Today’s lesson is read to us by our Bluebee Pal the Dog! He reads to us the story The Night Before Summer Vacation by Natasha Wing. Her whole series of “The Night Before..” are truly great and I try to read them every chance I get! I hope you enjoyed the STEM lessons that have been posted since Virtual Learning began. Parents and Guardians, you did a GREAT job teaching your children and they are truly blessed to have such a great support system. Their pre-school and pre-kindergarten year may have not been conventional but it is one we will never forget! I hope to see everyone soon and will begin posting STEM Lessons again for our summer session on July 6th! Have a great summer! Love, Miss. Athena

Calendar & Welcome Circle

If you click the star picture, you will get a black and white version of a calendar template.  You can have your child fill
in the day each morning!

This Month is:

Next Month Will Be:

shape pic playdoh.png
sh number 110 mat.png
sh 120 mat.png
Click pictures for PDF!
Lego Challenge Updated.png

FUN FRIDAY:(6, 22, 25, 29, 30)

Habitat Field Trip Review!

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