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Miss Eileen's Page

Week's Theme: Birds 

I have missed you all so much.  I hope that everyone has been healthy.  I have included some things that you may enjoy doing.

Listen to my 2 favorite stories about birds:

1.  "Are You My Mother" by PD Eastman

2.  "The Best Nest"           by PD Eastman


1.Binoculars--use empty papertowel rolls and string. Decorate and tape together.  Go for a walk and look for birds.

2. Nest:  cut a plate in half, use shedded paper, grass and twigs from outside. draw a picture of a bird and glue on.  2a.  bowl- fill with leaves, yarn. find rocks and paint them to look like eggs. 

3. String O cereal onto a string or pipecleaner and hang outside for the birds.

Letter of the week:   P

Walk around the house and find things that begin with the P sound...Pillow, peach,purple,pink, pear etc.  what else can you think of?  Pig, penguin...

Write the letter P in birdseed, sand, salt or flour.  Remember you always begin on top and go down.

Songs about birds:

5 Little Ducks(that I once knew, fat ones, skinny ones)

5 Little Ducks(went out one day, over the hill and far away...)